Voices for Change: Promoting Aphasia Awareness and Understanding

Aphasia participants playing a game of cornhole, enjoying time together on a sunny day.

Aphasia Defined: Aphasia is a language disorder that occurs following a stroke or brain injury. Aphasia impacts each person uniquely, depending on the severity, size and location of the stroke or brain injury. Aphasia affects language abilities, including understanding spoken language, speaking, reading, and writing/typing, making communication difficult. Speech Therapy: Individuals with aphasia use speech…

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Traveling Checklist: 10 Tips for Traveling with Disabilities

Three individuals on a camping trip with The League for People with Disabilities.

Traveling offers many benefits for people of all abilities. The League for People with Disabilities has a Camping and Recreation Program dedicated to taking individuals with disabilities on camping trips, weekend respites, and vacations. Traveling can be an educational experience, expanding one’s horizons and pushing independence. The League for People with Disabilities is here to…

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The League’s Wellness Center: Physical Fitness for People of All Abilities

Woman enjoying the benefits of swimming in The League's therapeutic pool.

The Wellness Center at The League for People with Disabilities is a fitness center designed for all individuals of different ages and abilities. The Wellness Center, a state-of-the-art fitness facility located in Baltimore, is designed to be a haven of inclusivity where every person can embark on a transformative journey toward better health and well-being.…

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The League’s Multiple Sclerosis Day Program: Meet Jakki

The League's MS Day participant Jakki enjoying time with her friends at The League.

Meet Jakki! Jakki is a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day Program participant at The League for People with Disabilities. Jakki has Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that attacks the central nervous system, an unpredictable condition and currently does not have a cure. Each experience with MS is different, and symptoms vary, including fatigue, dizziness, mobility challenges, cognitive changes,…

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