Mission & History


The League for People with Disabilities is committed to offering individuals the opportunity to gain independence, increase self-sufficiency, and to improve their quality of life.

Our Vision is reflected in our core values that guide our beliefs about how things should be done. These core values give direction to our employees about expected behavior and inspire them to give their best. These core values shape our stakeholders’ understanding of why they should support The League.

Our Core Values are:

Accountability - Accepting the responsibility to set and obtain measurable goals

Independence - Creating opportunities to participate and explore choices

Mutual Respect - Recognizing the value of each individual

Participant Focus- Encouraging achievement by treating each participant’s goals as their own

Quality - Reflecting the excellence of The League while exceeding expectations



Founded in April of 1927, The League stands as a pioneering organization committed to supporting more than 2,000 individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, annually.

Through our comprehensive continuum of vocational, rehabilitative, educational, medical, wellness, and recreational services, individuals are provided with opportunities to gain independence and lead enriched, fulfulling lives.

A brief history of The League can only barely summarize all the achievements of our impressive volunteers, staff, and friends over the past 96 years. We are grateful to those individuals of vision who began The League and acknowledge and thank the subsequent generations who support its mission to serve people with disabilities.

Together, we are able to build a community for people with disabilities with programs that are flexible and adaptive to accommodate varying abilities and needs.