Welcome to The League

A Message from the President & CEO


Dear Friends,

The League for People with Disabilities is a dynamic and multi-faceted organization that gives youth and adults the opportunity to gain independence, increase self-sufficiency, and lead fulfilling lives.

For almost a century, The League has been a pillar of the Baltimore community and continues to be a leader in advocating for the rights of people with physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities. We provide custom solutions with innovative programs that meet the unique needs of our members and participants. Our twelve programs and services support independence, job training, and socialization to meet people where they are in order to reach their personal and professional goals.

​As a staple of the Baltimore community, The League could not be more proud of the men, women, and youth who champion our mission. From our staff to our participants to our supporters and volunteers, there is no shortage of expertise, talent, generosity, and motivation. We set goals for ourselves and are held accountable by the integrity of our colleagues, peers, and volunteer leadership to never stop learning, growing, or pursuing our passions.

​​We place a high value on feedback from our stakeholders, most importantly - our participants, as we strive to address the needs of the disability community as a whole. If you are enrolled in one of our programs, a family member, caregiver, community member, friend, or supporter, please know that we very much appreciate your interest and your feedback.

​Whether you are a new or seasoned supporter of The League, we encourage you to contact us for more information and arrange for a visit to see any of our programs that may be of interest to you or your loved ones. Stop by to learn about acrylic paint pouring techniques in our Art Therapy classes, receive some swimming pointers from our youth autism instructors, or walk a few laps in our recently expanded and serene garden space. Each day is an opportunity to exceed our potential; together, we are able to provide an amazing experience for people with disabilities.

Thank you for your interest in The League and for visiting our website!

DAG(no back)

David A. Greenberg

President & CEO