Day Habilitation

The Day Habilitation Program creates a safe, therapeutic, educational, and enjoyable environment for individuals, facilitating community integration.

Individuals can select from a wide variety of activities to participate in, while developing skills and working on individualized goals with the support of thoughtful and innovative staff members.

Participants practice a variety of skill-building activities such as

  • culinary preparation
  • musical, theatrical, and cultural appreciation
  • horticulture therapy
  • fitness initiatives
  • humanitarian projects
  • and many more!

The League prides itself on community integration, partnering with other local organizations and businesses in Baltimore and surrounding areas to create meaningful opportunities and experiences for the individuals that we serve. The League is proud to partner and collaborate with Meals on Wheels, Moveable Feast, CCBC Dundalk, Maryland SPCA, Sky's the Limit Acting, Montford Sunflower Garden, Good Harvest, Helping Up Mission, Paul's Place, Fulton Baptist Church, Manna House, Rosedale Library, Irvine Nature Center, Ronald McDonald House, Leveling the Playing Field, Waxter Center, and Port Discovery.

If you are interested in enrolling an individual in the Day Habilitation Program, kindly complete the online contact form and a member of the team will reach out to you within normal business hours (M-F, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM).

***All services are funded through the Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA). Private pay is also accepted.

Participants have access to a wide array of pre-employment services customized to meet the particular needs and desires of DDA-funded individuals by working in small groups to explore abilities, career interests as well as discover talents and passions through job-site visits, volunteerism. Through the programs, individuals can attend college courses and develop effective workplace behaviors and skills. The Day Habilitation team works closely with the Employment Services team to identify and develop an employment services path for each participant that will accommodate and support each individual’s employment goal. Please visit our Employment Services page for more information.

Staff work one-on-one with participants to identify and/or develop a customized job that matches their skills and interests, while ensuring that necessary accommodations and supports are put in place for success; participants then receive ongoing job coaching and support, as appropriate.

The League contracts with CCBC so that participants are able to enroll in college courses designed specifically for adult learners with disabilities. Staff members support participants each semester as they expand their knowledge and personal/professional networks.

In addition to supporting participants in learning essential life skills, The League places heavy emphasis on instilling healthy habits through yoga and Zumba classes in the community as well as the utilization of our state-of-the-art Wellness Center and Therapeutic Swimming Pool.

The League encourages and facilitates participation in community sports and recreation through its involvement with the local Parks & Recreation. Participants excel in group activities such as sports, theatre groups, and visits to local cultural institutions.

Through curated classes and activities, participants are counseled to practice self-advocacy as they develop social and vocational skills. In taking concreate steps towards autonomy and independence, they must communicate to receive the support that they want and need.  


  • Alison Pomeroy, Quality Support Specialist[email protected], Office: 410.323.0500 x337
  • Tina Taylor, Intake Manager[email protected], Office: 410.323.0500 x343, Mobile: 443.866.8356
  • Milan Barry-Pollock, Director[email protected], Office: 410.323.0500 x341