At The League, each individual is welcomed as they are.

Our programs for adults cater to their goals and challenges by providing support to live as independently as possible and opportunities to become more active in their community.

We have diverse programs that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual we serve. Our programs offer day-to-day assistance, physical and behavioral therapy, employment services, and recreation to help those with disabilities lead active and meaningful lives.

Adults come to The League with varying abilities. As we learn about their wellness goals, they receive innovative and customizable support while developing meaningful connections with peers through recreational, rehabilitative, skill-building, and social programming.

Adults of varying abilities are encouraged to actively set and achieve goals of personal and professional growth and independence as they participate in community projects, vocational training, volunteer work, recreational, and social programming.

The DDA’s Meaningful Day Services are designed to support people of working age on their path to employment (no matter where they are on that path), independence, and community integration. Activities are rehabilitative in nature focusing on keeping, learning or improving skills and functioning for daily living.

Adults of varying abilities practice appropriate public behaviors with the guidance of their support counselors, successfully integrating with society through social ventures such as volunteerism with local organizations. These services are designed to support independence in an individual’s own home and community, focusing on behavior modification and social integration.

Adults of varying abilities explore their passions and talents in engaging and safe social settings that provide opportunities for self-expression, growth, and lifelong friendships.