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League Industries

League Industries handles local Baltimore businesses' printing and mailing needs with proficiency and integrity while providing vocational training and career opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

The Towson-based facility specializes in a variety of printing and mailing contracts with eight current delivery routes and very competitive pricing in the Baltimore area. With an extensive knowledge of mail list processing, excellent customer service, and fast turn-around times, League Industries offers opportunities for expansive business partnerships and collaborative efforts to help build community.

League Industries handles Baltimore’s printing and mailing needs while simultaneously providing vocational training and career opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

Questions to Consider for Projects

If you are interested in sending out a mailing, here are some things to consider:

  • Size: Postcard, larger card, or letter mailing
  • Address Requirements: Letter, envelope, or both (matched mailing)
  • Printing:
    • One or two-sided printing
    • Color printing on letter
    • Color paper
    • Additional inserts (brochures, etc.)
    • Reply vehicle (envelope, card, etc.)
  • Provision of Materials: Will you or will League Industries supply the materials?
  • Postal Class:
    • 1st class: Delivery in 2 – 3 days typically. Forwarding and return service included.
    • Standard class: Highly variable delivery dates; 3 days – 2 weeks typically. Mail will be left at the address on the piece with no forwarding or return, except with an endorsement and extra fees for those pieces.
    • Non Profit: Same delivery as standard class, but much lower rates.
  • League Industries mails at automation presort rates for all the above classes, plus package services, such as Priority Mail

If you are interested in printing books or booklets, here are some questions to consider:

  • Will you provide print-ready artwork or use our graphic design service?
  • What is the approximate number of pages?
  • Will you require heavier, cover-stock covers or the same weight paper as the interior?
  • Will it be completed in color or black & white printing?
  • Will artwork “bleed” (continue to the page edge with no white border)?
  • What type of binding:
    • Saddle Stitch (center stapled and folded)
    • Perfect (wrap around glued cover with a spine)
    • Coil or comb binding

Contact us for more information and we'll happily discuss the options available. Quotes given upon request.


  • Jim Pappas, Sales Manager, [email protected], Office: 410.323.0500 x403 Mobile: 443.286.4253 Fax: 443.279.6906
  • Catherine Waters, Customer Service Representative, [email protected], Office: 410.323.0500 x402

8804 Orchard Tree Lane, Towson, MD 21286