Woman enjoying the benefits of swimming in The League's therapeutic pool.

The League’s Wellness Center: Physical Fitness for People of All Abilities

The Wellness Center at The League for People with Disabilities is a fitness center designed for all individuals of different ages and abilities. The Wellness Center, a state-of-the-art fitness facility located in Baltimore, is designed to be a haven of inclusivity where every person can embark on a transformative journey toward better health and well-being. Here at The League for People with Disabilities, we prioritize the health and wellness of people with disabilities, taking a new and inclusive approach to fitness!

Fuel Your Journey: The Transformative Benefits of Physical Fitness

Physical Health: People of all abilities should participate in regular physical activity and exercise. Physical fitness improves your overall well-being by fortifying your cardiovascular system and developing muscle strength. Consistent exercise and fitness activities diminish the likelihood of experiencing a stroke, hypertension, and cardiovascular ailments. Fitness aids in weight management, rendering it particularly beneficial for individuals aiming to shed excess weight or sustain their current weight.

Social Interaction: Fitness classes offer a wide variety of workout options allowing you to choose which best suits your interests and capabilities. Working out with others gives a sense of community support and motivation. You can learn from each other in groups, socialize, and even have friendly competition. Fitness classes are ideal for those who want to meet others with shared interests and build friendships with new people.

Mental Health: Engaging in physical activity is recognized for its positively impacting individuals’ mental well-being and emotional states. It helps remove feelings of anxiety, depression, and negativity. Physical exercise releases endorphins, which alleviate stress and serve as a stress management tool. Fitness activities foster resilience by exploring new sports, pushing personal boundaries, and conquering challenges. Moreover, physical activity and fitness sessions provide cognitive advantages by enhancing memory, concentration, cognitive function, and improving self-esteem.

Breaking Barriers: Accessible Fitness for People with Disabilities

Often, accessibility has persistently posed challenges for individuals with disabilities, particularly for those looking to improve their physical health and fitness capabilities. Fitness equipment for people with disabilities needs to be accessible, and gyms need to have accommodations like safe access.

Those with disabilities frequently found themselves dependent on physical therapy regimes to pursue their fitness goals because of their specific accommodation requirements. The costs associated with physical therapy can be quite high, presenting difficulties for individuals with disabilities to sustain their fitness journeys long-term.


Leroy, a male participant at the Wellness Center lifting weights on a machine.

“As I get older, the reality of my younger years is setting in. I have learned to recognize the humanity in people and situations.” – Leroy, Wellness Center Member, 10+ years

People with disabilities often search for the best fitness center, fitness classes, fitness equipment, and physical activity to accommodate their needs. Physical fitness is important to every person’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The League for People with Disabilities is committed to providing different fitness classes and activities for all our participants. Explore our fitness programs and amenities designed specifically to accommodate people with disabilities.


The League's Adult Medical Day participant Darrell, enjoying a workout session lifting weights.

“I feel like I can do anything here in The League’s Wellness Center. It is important for me to be physically fit because it keeps me young. The younger I feel, the more I want to dance.” – Darrell, League Adult Medical Day participant and guest of CLUB1111

The League’s Accessible Fitness Classes for Individuals with Disabilities

      1. Water Aerobics: Enjoy a non-impact, intense workout to target your cardiovascular endurance. Water aerobics classes put less stress on joints, making it an ideal workout for those who have joint pain or mobility concerns. Water provides resistance, engaging muscles without heavy weights or equipment. We recommend our water aerobics classes for participants who want to increase their range of motion and strengthen their muscles in a low-impact fitness class!
      2. Aqua Zumba Dance to our high-energy Latin and international beats music in our Aqua Zumba class. This class has lots of returning students, making it perfect for fitness participants to build friendships and a sense of community among one another. Aqua Zumba is a low-impact cardio workout focusing on improving balance and coordination. Aqua Zumba is perfect for you if you are looking for a fun and energizing workout environment!
      3. Weight Training: Get fit and strong with a trainer at The League to improve your strength and muscle tone. Weight training is known to help weight management and focuses on improving balance and stability. Trainers will help participants use specialized equipment to accommodate people with all different abilities and create an individualized program designed specifically for each participant. Weight training also has psychological benefits, boosting confidence, and self-esteem, and improving overall mood.
      4. Aerobics: Our aerobics classes offer many benefits for participants, including improved cardiovascular health, increased energy levels, weight management, and enhanced mobility. Aerobics helps with independence by improving functional abilities and allowing people with disabilities to participate in everyday activities more frequently. Examples of aerobics include walking, bicycling, jump roping, dancing, swimming, etc. Find the best aerobic exercise at The League for People with Disabilities.
      5. Pilates: We offer a unique non-cardiovascular workout that includes both Aerobox and Pilates. This workout encompasses boxing techniques like punches, squats, and kicks to work out your upper body muscles. Target muscle groups are the arms, chest, shoulders, love handles, and rectus abdominals. Aerobox & Pilates also improve core strength, posture, and flexibility.
      6. Line Dancing Classes: Exercise in a fun group activity with The League’s line dancing classes. Learn salsa, jazz box, lockstep, weave, sailor, grapevine, and more while listening to fun music. Line dancing develops coordination, movement, and flexibility by learning new dance moves. The mental stimulation line dancing provides requires memorization and focus on the timing and music. Line dancing classes are a fun fitness activity for participants looking to have fun with friends and exercise.
    1. Level up your cardio while making friends with weekly upbeat aqua Zumba classes in the warm water therapeutic pool. 

      Level up your cardio while making friends with weekly upbeat aqua Zumba classes in the warm water therapeutic pool.


Our Wellness Center has dedicated personal trainers who are always willing to help people with disabilities reach their fitness goals. With a trainer, you can use weightlifting machines and work on individualized fitness programs catered specifically to you and your needs. Get fit at our Wellness Center!

Join the Movement: Support The League’s Mission
The League for People with Disabilities appreciates the continuous support and donations our sponsors, volunteers, and donors make. Their kindness and compassion allow us to empower individuals with disabilities to become independent. All proceeds go towards providing our participants with the best resources and further advancing The League’s mission. The League for People with Disabilities offers unique opportunities for people with disabilities, such as our Wellness Center. Every day, we look to empower the lives of our participants. Make a difference in Baltimore and beyond by getting involved with The League today. Every volunteer hour, donation, and act of goodwill brings us closer to a community of inclusion.